STEM Laboratory Course

The setting is a biology laboratory and the instructor guides students in a lesson on how blood passes through the heart. Click the photos to view the vignettes. Are you able to identify the various inclusive teaching practices?

Demo of a college biology instructor in a science laboratory

Vignette #1

Inclusive teaching practices: fostering a growth mindset, using diverse media

At the beginning of the class, the instructor reinforces the idea that some of the content may be difficult and sets up an environment where students will be able to learn and master it, reinforcing growth mindset. The instructor uses visual images to foster learning.

Demo of a biology professor in a science laboratory speaking with students about how blood passes through the heart

Vignette #2

Inclusive teaching practices: using diverse visuals, integrating active learning, encouraging equitable participation, words of affirmation, using student names, checking comprehension

In addition to viewing visual images and hearing a verbal description of how blood flows from the heart students also have models of the heart at their desks and are able to learn the material through multiple means. The instructor encourages them to review the path of blood flow in the heart. He also uses the names of the students and checks their understanding.

Demo of a science professor describing an assignment that students will complete

Vignette #3

Inclusive teaching practices: giving real-world examples, utilizing diverse media, providing diverse examples

The instructor gives an out-of-class assignment where the students apply their learning about the structures of the heart and the flow of blood through the heart using real-world scenarios.

Demo of students in a science laboratory listening to the instructor

Vignette #4

Inclusive teaching practices: giving student choice, integrating active learning, encouraging equitable participation, using diverse media, using words of affirmation

Students are able to choose how to review the class material in a way that encourages both active learning and equitable participation.