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First-Year Seminar

This instructor designs a learning environment where their students can grow in their writing skills. View the vignettes and note the inclusive teaching practices utilized.


Vignette 1


Inclusive teaching practices: using growth mindset language, conducting a prior assessment, using words of affirmation, equitable participation

The instructor gives the students the affirmation that their papers are on the right track and uses growth mindset language to encourage them to continue to develop their writing skills. He performs an assessment to support their reflection and gain a sense of what they have initially learned from the feedback that they received. The instructor also incorporates some humor.


Vignette 2


Inclusive teaching practices: reinforcing community standards, integrating active learning, using student names, addressing acts of exclusion

The instructor provides students with the opportunity to practice the peer review process themselves before they perform it on the essays of their peers in a low-stakes manner. He reinforces community guidelines on the importance of names, and calling individuals by their names correctly.


Vignette 3


Inclusive teaching practices: using diverse examples, integrating real-world examples

In this vignette the instructor provides a number of diverse and real-world examples for the essay writing in which the students will engage. He also reinforces to students that he is a resource to support them in their learning.