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Observation Protocol (PAITE)

PAITE is a launching point

The Protocol for Advancing Inclusive Teaching Efforts (PAITE) provides instructors with formative, data-informed feedback on a variety of observable inclusive teaching approaches. Prior to the observation, observers learn the PAITE observational codes and practice coding with vignettes from the Inclusive Teaching Visualization Project for reliability. Observers use a template form during the observation to record the instructor’s inclusive teaching behaviors every two minutes. After the observation, they produce a graphical display of the results and summarize the feedback during a debriefing session.

The PAITE is generally more useful when instructors formulate individual goals for inclusive teaching and are observed multiple times to monitor progress. The protocol is also a good starting point for any instructor wanting general feedback on their inclusive teaching practices. There are a variety of other inclusive teaching approaches that instructors can implement that go beyond the PAITE, including those more directly integrating course design. Instructors can use the teaching behaviors on PAITE as a starting point and are encouraged to obtain feedback on other approaches.

Sample Findings



Implementation of few inclusive teaching practices observable on the PAITE


Diverse Practices

Utilization of a variety of inclusive teaching practices observable on the PAITE


High Relationship Building

Implementation of a variety of inclusive teaching practices with relationship-building being predominant


High Affirmation

Usage of a variety of inclusive teaching practices with affirmation being predominant

Resources for Observers

Resources for Instructors Observed


Addy, T. M., Younas, H., Cetin, P., Rizk, M., Cham, F., Nwankpa, C., & Borzone, M. (2022). The development of the protocol for advancing inclusive teaching efforts (PAITE). Journal of Educational Research and Practice, 12(0), 65–93.

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